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Discover the Benefits of Life Settlement Investing

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Life settlements, an alternative to traditional markets, have been traditionally invested by institutional investors like Warren Buffett. California Life Settlements now offers the opportunity for individuals to invest through the purchase of fractionalized death benefits. Watch our video to discover the potential of this exclusive asset class.

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A Landmark Case for Life Insurance Ownership

The 1911 Grigsby v. Russell U.S. Supreme Court case established life insurance as private, transferable property with the same legal standing as stocks and bonds. The court noted life insurance as a form of investment that can be transferred at the policy owner’s discretion.

What We Do

California Life Settlements provides access to the Senior Life Settlement Alternative Asset Class.

How It Works

A Senior Life Settlement is a life insurance contract that is no longer wanted, needed or affordable.

The CLS Advantage

Our team is comprised of industry professionals with decades of hands-on Senior Life Settlement market experience.

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