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The traditional stock and bond asset allocation methodology is no longer a balanced approach.


By including Senior Life Settlements in your portfolio, risk-adjusted returns should improve and overall portfolio volatility risk will be reduced with the addition of a non-correlated asset class to your asset allocation.

The traditional stock and bond asset allocation methodology is no longer a balanced approach. As interest rates remain suppressed, insufficient returns from fixed-income investments have negatively distorted the risk premium attached to the traditional model.

In the chase for safe yield, California Life Settlements can reduce overall portfolio volatility and stabilize returns:

  • Market dislocations and regulatory pressures create opportunities to diversify into non-traditional alternative sectors
  • California Life Settlements may offer better relative return performance with lower correlation to financial markets
  • Investors stand to harvest the benefits of an illiquidity premium for the portion of their assets allocated to California Settlements that would otherwise be allocated to fixed income investments

A well-constructed portfolio, diversified with California Settlements, can provide attractive returns and reduce downside risk while offering a desirable investment hedge, inflation protection and lower overall portfolio volatility.

What We Do

California Life Settlements provides access to the Senior Life Settlement Alternative Asset Class. Low correlation to markets and absolute returns help manage capital risk in your asset allocation.

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How it Works

Senior Life Settlement is a life insurance contract that is no longer wanted, needed or affordable. It is sold by an insured to a third party who assumes responsibility for the payment of premiums until the policy matures at the insured’s passing.

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The CLS Advantage

Our team is comprised of industry professionals with decades of hands-on Senior Life Settlement market experience. Specialist counter parties and close working relationships with niche service providers make California Life Settlements the clear choice in the Senior Life Settlement space.

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