Astute financial advisors are quickly re-learning the value of asset allocation. Every portfolio needs balance to avoid being over-exposed to risky investments in times like these. The Senior Life Settlement (SLS) asset class is an alternative investment to offset risk in volatile markets.

On February 12, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached an all-time high of $29,551.42. Less than six weeks later on March 23, 2020, the Dow plummeted to $18,591.93. That’s a 37% drop in less than two months. Add to that a record number of 3.3 million new unemployment benefit applications and it’s easy to see that American investors are looking for stability and peace of mind anywhere they can find it.

Many Americans may have to postpone retirement after seeing their retirement plans lose over a third of their values. Others will merely stay the course in the hopes that they are made whole sooner rather than later. Whether your clients will continue working or merely hang on, you have the opportunity to help them stabilize their hard-hit portfolios with Senior Life Settlements.

Now is the time to contact every single client you have. They need your advice and reassurance more than ever. While most other financial advisors are working with a limited toolbox, you have access to a tool that provides added security to your clients and prospects. SLSs provide the absolute returns necessary to balance portfolios and reduce financial worries. This is the differentiation that bold advisors use to cement relationships with their clients. Ambitious advisors are also using these uncertain times to bring certainty to prospects and increase their own client bases.

So why do we assert that SLSs are an Absolute Return Strategy? When an SLS is purchased as an investment, the investor is buying a known spread between the cost basis in the life insurance policy and its face amount. When the policy matures, the death benefit is disbursed to the investor. As an absolute return mechanism, an SLS is highly non-correlated to markets and completely hedges out economic and geo-political risk.

You have the opportunity to step in and be the voice of reason. You have the opportunity to be the calm in this financial storm. You can guide your clients through these turbulent times. You can also pick up record numbers of new clients. All that you have to do is to get after it while your competition sits back shell-shocked. West Coast Settlements is here to help you stabilize the portfolios of your existing clients as well as the portfolios of the new clients that you bring in.

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