You are a seasoned Advisor facing an unprecedented opportunity cleverly disguised as chaos, fear and uncertainty. Your clients need your care and attention. Some may be seeking liquidity. Others may wish to reallocate and rebalance their portfolios. But, all of them need to know you care.

No matter your client’s current financial situation, you are well-poised to differentiate yourself from the competition and West Coast is here to help you get back to work and to make 2020 your best year yet! No virus or economic condition can stop you from contacting your current client base as well as any prospective clients you may have had put on hold. No state’s Stay at Home order prevents you from sending emailing clients or from reaching people the old-fashioned way, by telephone.

Let’s face it, now is the time for action not excuses. When I became licensed as a stockbroker in 1990, I broke in by making 300 colds calls a day, every single day. I never thought of going home without making those 300 calls. That activity brought in plenty of business and all of that business was produced from cold calls.

As a successful Advisor your rookie year is long behind you. You don’t have to make cold calls to produce great results in 2020. You have the HUGE advantage of making warm calls to satisfied clients. Just check in on them. Don’t make 300 calls a day, make 300 calls a week if you can. Even if you can’t find the time to make 300 calls a week you can certainly make 300 calls in the month of May at the very least.

When you reach your existing clients, simply ask them how they are doing. If you find that they are looking for cash, let them know that their life insurance policy may be a hidden source of liquidity. While the CARES Act allows for penalty free withdrawals from qualified plans who wants to withdraw funds that are down 10%, 20% or even 30% from February’s market high? What good is avoiding a 10% penalty only to assure losses of the same amount or possibly double or triple that amount?

Selling a life insurance policy is known as a Life Settlement transaction. West Coast helps policy sellers access the secondary market with the expectation of receiving a multiple of the carrier’s non-negotiable cash surrender value offer.

When you speak with your clients, simply ask them how the Corona Effect has made them think about managing risk in the post-pandemic economy.  Start the conversation. West Coast can help you understand how the Life Settlement Asset Class can differentiate you from everyone else.

Now is the time to get back to work and kickstart the remainder of your year! Now is also the time to learn how Life Settlements may provide viable cash options for your clients in their time of need. To learn more and to find out how Life Settlements provide a stable investment alternative to clients who are leery of today’s stock market, call West Coast Settlements at (657) 254-4300 or send an email to