In a world of uncertainties, one thing is for certain:  the HBO show Game of Thrones will air its last new episode on May 19th, 2019. The engrossing fantasy epic and pop culture phenomenon has inspired many puns that appear everywhere from other tv shows to plumbing advertisements. The Game of Thrones topic seems especially obvious throughout the Internet; you can’t stroll through a LinkedIn feed or favorite news website without seeing a few Game of Thrones-based articles.

Articles that feature Game of Thrones parodies or puns often overlook the complicated, often unstable world of Westeros. Occasionally, though, you will find a blog that understands that life and business are a Game of Unknowns. Geopolitical events may undermine years of financial stability, creating market volatility. You may gain or lose a family member, creating a challenging new financial burden. Sudden costs due to illness may undermine decades of retirement planning.

How does one make financial sense of an unstable, unknown world? Like Game of Thrones, you could look for the knowns in an unknown world. If you are an older adult with an unaffordable, unneeded, or unwanted life insurance policy, you can sell the policy for monetary gain. As an Advisor, it is known (it is known…sorry, I couldn’t help myself) that Senior Life Settlements promote socially responsible investing to fulfill fiduciary needs.

Now I realize that it may be arduous to see the knowns in an unknown world. In a recent Game of Thrones episode, it was literally difficult to see an unfolding major battle. With Life Settlements, it may seem strange to look for the knowns when this asset class may invoke a morbid “Betting On Death” feeling. Game of Thrones uses this morbid feeling as a known via the Valar Morghulis (“All Men Must Die” in High Valyrian for the uninitiated) phrase that characters use as a greeting or salutation. The characters turn an upsetting unknown into a silver-lining positive acknowledging morbidity in a semi-universal greeting. Senior Life Settlements also display a silver lining by providing older adults with additional financial opportunities as well as challenging the monopsony created by the life insurance industry.

Any individual that is interested in the Senior Life Settlements market can look for additional knowns in the world via self-reflection, family relations, and current market/geopolitical stability. In Game of Thrones, the characters Jon Snow and Arya Stark use their outsider status and unfolding events to pursue self-guided and unique destinies. The Lannister and Tyrell families often stress family relations and loyalty in maintaining stable and financially fruitful relationships. Westeros even enjoyed nearly two decades of stability before a series of seemingly small events shifted the political landscape. These knowns could be applied to any policy holder that is looking to pursue a passion or provide financial support to family members, or any advisor looking for more stable alternative investments even during times of market growth.

Now you may be asking yourself “How can you write about Game of Thrones and not mention the Bank of Braavos?” I haven’t forgotten about them; the bank doesn’t make many appearances because they crave stability, which is not exciting in a fantasy world. They are reluctant to fund any warfare but loan their money to the most stable families and characters. Realistically, these families and characters would have astute financial advisors that would look at the value of Senior Life Settlements. After all, there’s $8.9 trillion (yes, trillion) in cash value in the life insurance realm.

Unknowns will always be a part of life. Markets may or may not be volatile tomorrow or in the next year. As of this writing, the Game of Thrones character who wins the Iron Throne is anyone’s guess. However, harnessing the knowns in alternative asset classes like Senior Life Settlements help any advisor innovate in a seemingly unknown world. As for Game of Thrones…well, at least its known that there is insurance for those that encountered unwanted spoilers.

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