In the past month, one company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ stock exchange both surprised investment experts and delighted social media. Beyond Meat’s share price tripled on its first day on the market, which led it to have the best IPO debut in 19 years. Six weeks after the stock’s debut, the company’s market cap was already larger than 80 S&P 500 companies. Such a tremendous run did not go unnoticed on social media:  Beyond Meat has produced some eye-popping social media data and has even inspired Burger King to release a playful, “beyond vegetable” parody of Beyond Meat’s alternative meat products.

How has Beyond Meat made such a memorable impact during its short IPO tenure? A simple answer to this question is the desire to seek alternatives to the mainstream. Whether it be because of a want for healthier options, a desire for more environmentally friendly food, or simply because the existing meat supply is dwindling, individuals have their reasons for seeking alternative meat products.

The desire for seeking alternatives is also present in the world of investments. Investor demand in alternative investments such as Senior Life Settlements is increasing because this asset class leads assets away from market risk, correlation, and corporate earning cycles. Additional investment funds such as endowments sought alternative investments and found success–its part of why Yale University’s fundraising efforts have bested other Ivy League schools, including their main rival Harvard University.

Alternative Investments like Senior Life Settlements may be attractive simply because they are an alternative. As mentioned, they hold a stability and value that no other investment class can touch. Even Beyond Meat suffered a small setback this past week. Senior Life Settlements have nowhere to go but up with their potential $8.9 trillion (yes, Trillion) value. Not even Beyond Meat can touch a multi-trillion dollar potential treasure…yet.

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